Book a Sleep Support Service

We offer a variety of services that support stable sleep, reduces pain and anxiety, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Choose from therapeutic massage, medical massage, sleep massage, or sleep support coaching. 

Please read our cancellation policy before booking. Payments must be made by credit/debit card or gift card. No cash or checks will be accepted for services at this time. Cash tips are accepted, but please place them on the table or desk. Read our Covid-19 policy prior to your session. We are following all CDC guidelines and our staff are fully vaccinated and will mask. 


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Pressure Point Massage

Pain Management Massage

90 MIN - $130
In-home 90 MIN: $150

This deeply soothing massage experience addresses the issues in your tissues. Your personalized massage plan can include deep tissue, trigger point, stretching, hot stone (if available), aromatherapy, and the application of heat and liniments.


Focus on a specific muscular issue/injury or address wide-spread pain. Areas of expertise include shoulder girdle, hip girdle, neck pain, fibro, and sports injuries. 


 Gratuity welcome but not expected. 


Lazy Morning

Hypnotic Sleep Massage

This entrancing one-of-a-kind massage combines rhythmic pressure, essential oils, energy work, acupressure and more to set you up for sleep success. This session begins with a sleep coaching session and ends with a guided meditation. For best results, book later in the day. 


For a highly effective experience, book the in-home version of this service. 

Gratuity welcome but not expected. 

90 MIN - $150

In-home 2 hours: $195

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Stress Management Massage

Adult Sleep Coaching

We will craft an ultra-relaxing massage for you by combining the techniques you want with the perfect pressure. This is our version of a Swedish massage-type massage with bonus modalities like some acupressure and Shiatsu techniques.


You can also add aromatherapy + Reiki to the session for no extra charge.


Gratuity welcome but not expected. 

90 MIN: $130

In-home 90 MIN: $150


Is sleep a struggle? Book one or more sleep coaching sessions to discover how sleep works and how it can work better for you. During your session we will explore your patterns, bedtime habits, sleep hygiene and bedroom environment and then co-create a sleep plan that works with your lifestyle and natural sleep cycle.

This works as a standalone session or as a follow up or precursor to the Hypnotic Sleep Massage.


Sleep Massage clients receive 20% off follow-up coaching sessions

In-person or virtual 60 MIN - $85 

Breathing Meditation

Medical Massage

Meditation Coaching for Sleep

Do you have a specific condition, injury, or issue you'd like to work on? We use specific clinical techniques to enable healing and recovery. Choose from either a half hour or an hour. 


While we cannot bill insurance for this service, we can provide you with the necessary document to receive reimbursement from your insurance company. We can also provide a sliding scale. Please call for sliding scale rates. 

30 MIN: $45

60 MIN: $80


Everyone can meditate, including you! This personalized coaching session will help get past the common myths that prevent you from engaging in this life-changing practice.


Learn to work with your mind and thoughts as they are without trying to turn them off. Discover inner truths and find balance with a personalized meditation routine you can practice every night before bed for a calmer, more joyful night of sleep.

In-person or virtual 45 MIN - $45